What is CrossFit Nice?

Well conditioned

We have two large facilities, fully equipped with Rogue fitness (Concept2 rowers), teamed with professional CrossFit qualified Coaches who will be with you at each and every step of your journey in unleashing your true athletic potential.

Our workout includes : a combination of running, skipping rowing, plyometric, Olympic lifts, gymnastics movements and kettle bells resulting in a fitter, stronger well-conditioned you!

Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity

At CrossFit Nice, we focus on teaching our athletes to follow M.C.I (Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity)… the result - a strong foundation. CrossFit works because we are patient. We learn the Mechanics of each fundamental movement!

We are Consistent within each movement being technically sound – every rep is the same! We add Intensity to develop power! – (defined as) ‘Time rate of doing work’! At CrossFit ‘Power’ is the undisputed king of performance.

Constantly varied

Our workouts are constantly varied high intensity functional movement and no two days will be the same. This keeps things interesting! Routine is the enemy! By keeping your body guessing, you allow yourself to continue making gains.

The workouts are designed for you! The advantage? You will not know your next workout, meaning you can’t avoid the workouts you dislike or avoid training your weaknesses.
The result a well-rounded athlete – YOU!

Set Records

Discomfort zone VS comfort zone!
Grow or not to grow!
When we move out of our comfort zone – your heart beating, your muscles aching, your lungs screaming for oxygen, your sweat pouring – this is where gains are made, times are beaten and records set!

This white board is waiting, the clock is ticking.
Do you have what it takes?

CrossFit Nice is a community!

CrossFit Nice

We all know each other by first name!
We train without headphones!
We talk, help, guide, motivate, and boost each other!
No posers here as there are no mirrors!
Together we train, together we gain!