CrossFit History

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CrossFit’s Spark

A young 18 year old College student Greg Glassman, took his first training job as a gymnastics coach at the Pasadena, CA Y.W.C.A. He started to implement his training thoughts on his clientele as he realised what bodybuilding and endurance programs were both lacking, Greg Glassman found success with his efficient, high intensity workout pairing heavy fundamental movements with sprints.


CrossFit’s Spark becomes a Flame

Greg Glassman is hired to train the Santa Cruz CA Police Department.

Greg Glassman opens the First CrossFit gym in Santa Cruz CA.


CrossFit Inc

Coach Greg Glassman founded CrossFit Inc and the first affiliated gym was CrossFit North which opened in Seattle, Washington. 



CrossFit’s Flame becomes a Fire

CrossFit’s Web Site goes live allowing the world to become a smaller place where everyone can view the WOD (workout of the day) access the video library of workouts and exercise demos, and interact with each other via the discussion forums.


CrossFit’s Journal is launched

April 1st, not wanting to fool anyone on this day, Coach Greg Glassman published the first CrossFit Journal article, Foundations, with the purpose, To define CrossFit and inspire and support our community. Till this day this remains the same. 

The article went on to become a key part of the Level 1 Training Guide, the companion to the CrossFit Level 1 Seminar and the resource thousands of new CrossFit trainers turned to for answers.

October 2002 the article, What Is Fitness? Was published which placed Greg Glassman as the first to articulate fitness principles in a way that allowed measurable, observable and repeatable analysis of the safety, efficacy and efficiency of a fitness program.

What is Fitness.pdf


CrossFit launch the affiliate program

 CrossFit launch the affiliate program


CrossFit ‘’Performing the common uncommonly well’’

August  2005 Coach Greg Glassman published Virtuosity.



The Games are Born

The CrossFit Games are held every summer and competitors travel from all corners of the world to battle it out to determine who is the Fittest on Earth! The prize fund awarded has risen as the sport of Fitness has grown increasing from $500 at the inaugural Games to now an incredible $250,000 for fittest male and female in 2011-2013.


Affiliate Growth Explodes

By 2009 there are over 1000 CrossFit Affiliates worldwide, with approximately 2-3 affiliate applications daily.


The BIG Move The BIG Deal

The CrossFit Games move location and are now held at the Home Depot Centre in Los Angeles, California. The CrossFit Games broadcast live streaming via the Web                        

CrossFit sign a 10 year deal with Reebok.


Reebok CrossFit Games Launch The Open

Athletes worldwide competed in 6 workouts over 6 weeks, posting their scores in real time and online anyone who is anyone could compete for a position among the fittest athletes in the world. In all, more than 26,000 athletes competed in the open, making it one of the largest sporting events in history.

Competitors had 2 options to validate their performances.

Option 1 to workout at a local affiliate, where they would be judged in person.

Option 2 submit video evidence of their performance to the entire community.




CrossFit’s Fire is now a Roaring Blaze

Currently there are more than 6100 affiliates Forging Elite Fitness worldwide and counting.